“Shari was a peaceful presence with a kind eye and a grounded perspective. I loved having an educated and compassionate doula to help us through every step of birthing our baby boy. I never second guessed my decisions and I’m so proud of all we did that night.” -Jessica S

“Shari is sweet and strong, wise and experienced, and I highly recommend her to any family seeking a Doula at their birth.  I am forever grateful to her for the influence she had on me while birthing my daughter.”    -Amber B

“I saw Shari for a Maya Abdominal Session and it was incredible. Her touch is so healing and soothing and it transported me to a state of total relaxation. I didn’t want the massage to end! I must also add that my cycle was the best I have had in a very long time with no lower back pain, which is incredible. I look forward to my next session with Shari.”

-Jessica T

DSCF0620“Shari is so respectful of my body and my boundaries, I feel totally comfortable and this makes me able to really relax and release the tension I tend to store up after a long day as a school teacher and mother.”

-Susan T

“I’ve been seeing Shari since she began her business. She is strictly professional and always asks what problems I might be having before we start our session. My job requires repetitive lifting and I work outdoors. When the weather is cold her massage is a big help and routine massage helps reduce the aches and pains that build up in my lower back and shoulders. A few years back I slipped on the ice and caused damage to my right shoulder and hip. Her healing hands helped in the recovery process. She was a valuable part of my physical therapy when I tore my quad.”

-Bob L

“I have been seeing Shari for four years. I no longer have frequent headaches, and my plantar fasciitis totally went away. My blood pressure has also normalized. I plan to keep coming as long as I can.”

-Bob B

“Shari has a very intuitive touch. Her fingers just find my tense spots before I even point them out, allowing me to fully surrender to deep relaxation. ”

-Mary W

“Shari Corr is an intuitive, compassionate and skilled Massage Therapist. Her massage leaves me feeling blissfully relaxed and able to go back into my life with a renewed sense of balance and presence. In this way, her gifts ripple out into our community, and make the world a better place to live in.”