Massage Services

Services Offered by Ten Moons Massage


  • Therapeutic Massage 
    Feel the stress melt away as long, flowing strokes improve circulation and help to counteract the effects of stress on the body. Improves injury recovery, helps to break up scar tissue and support rehabilitation from surgery.
    $75/hr or $95/90min $145/2hrs
  • Fertility Massage-Using the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. Supports clients looking to optimize conception with a holistic approach.  May be combined with Assisted Reproductive Therapy and Invitro- Fertilization. I recommend clients see me for a 3 month fertility enhancing protocol before seeking ART or IVF. This protocol helps the body to be in a healthier position to receive the procedure and may even help them conceive naturally. Some of the additional modalities may include herbal and diet recommendations, menstrual charting and self-massage techniques.
    Initial Visit $150/2 hours -Includes instruction for Self-Massage Techniques
    Follow Up visits $75/hr or $95/90min
  • Prenatal Massage-Certified in the Advanced Pregnancy Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy
    Special positioning and strokes are used to maximize comfort, relax muscles and ease your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy. Regular relaxation is an important part of readying yourself for labor and birth. These techniques help to achieve optimal uterine position, therefore aiding in optimal fetal positioning. Pelvic alignment allows for better sacral movement and pelvic flexibility for easier birthing. It can also help relieve vulvar varicosities, pubic symphysis pain, ligament pain and pelvic congestion. Makes a great Baby Shower Gift!
    Single visits $75/hr or $95/90mins
  • Maya Abdominal Therapy
    A gentle non-invasive technique founded on the ancient Maya techniques of Abdominal Massage. Especially helpful for reproductive health, digestive issues, pregnancy, easier birth and healing from Cesarean surgery.
    Initial Visit $150/2 hours -Includes instruction for Self-Massage Techniques
    Follow Up visit $75/hr or $95/90mins


Package deal

  • Buy 5 massage sessions in advance, get one free,
    Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts.

   Cancellation Policy: Because I work by appointment only, your session is reserved exclusively for you. Kindly allow 24 hours notice if you must cancel or re-schedule an appointment. Full payment is expected for no-shows. This applies to gift certificates as well.

*For the comfort and safety of everyone, please refrain from smoking or using heavy scents before your appointment.