Doula Care

Professional Labor Support

A doula is a birth professional trained to support a woman during pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum time.
My mission as your doula is to help you have a safe, memorable and empowering birthing experience. I will help you discover your unique birth values, get all the information you need to make informed decisions and support you in your choices. Set up a free consultation today and find out how I can help make your birth special.

“Shari Corr provided a calm and strengthening presence at the home birth of my first daughter.  As soon as she arrived at my home I felt reassured by her presence.  My midwife was out of town and did not arrive to the birth until shortly before my daughter arrived.  All fear and doubt I had about this situation left when Shari arrived, reassured me that what I was experiencing was normal and encouraged me to surrender to the sensations of birth.  I remember her giving me a massage (she is a certified massage therapist – so this experience was top rate and truly aided me in relaxing my body and mind).  She kept me hydrated and fed, gave moral support to my husband like a true comrade, and was present every moment I needed her, and drifted quietly to the background when I didn’t.  She helped me hold on to my sense of humor and wonder.  She followed my lead, encouraging me to tap into my intuition and trust my body. She helped me focus by looking into my eyes during rushes and reminding me to keep my mouth soft and open. Her experience as a Doula is invaluable – knowing that she had witnessed many births and birthed two daughters of her own was a constant comfort to me.”   Amber B

shari labor support

Deluxe Doula Package  $800

$400 is due upon signing the contract
$400 balance due by week 38

  We usually meet 1-2 times before birth to talk about your vision for your birth, your birth values and create a unique birth plan. The more I know about what you want, the better I can help you achieve it. During labor I offer a continuous, calm presence. I can offer comfort measures, breathing and relaxation techniques, suggest positions to help the progress of your labor, massage or just a quiet presence. I can also offer support, prospective, reassurance and encouragement to you and your partner.  After your birth I remain with you for one to two hours or until you are settled, breastfeeding and ready for some private time as a family. I usually return one to two times in the first few weeks to help with breastfeeding, infant care, answer questions or process your birth story with you. All doula clients receive a $10 discount on massage and bodywork sessions.

“Shari is sweet and strong, wise and experienced, and I highly recommend her to any family seeking a Doula at their birth.  I am forever grateful to her for the influence she had on me while birthing my daughter.”       Amber B


Super Deluxe Doula Package   $1200
Includes all of the above, plus 6 bodywork sessions incorporating The Advanced Pregnancy Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  ($450 value).

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