Childbirth Education

Natural Childbirth Preparation

Women remember their births their entire lives. I believe how we come into this world matters. As with all aspects of parenting, it is our responsibility to get informed about birth so we can make the best choices for our families. If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any…

Join other expectant parents for 7 weeks in a small group setting to learn all about preparing for birth. It is recommended that you complete your class 4-6 weeks before your due date.

-discover your personal philosophy and vision for your birth

-evidence based information so you can make an informed choice

-risks/benefits of all interventions

-comfort measures and coping techniques

-relaxation and visualization

-positive affirmations

-common hospital procedures

-preparing your home for a home birth

Weekend intensive classes are also available, but the 7 week class is recommended so you have time to absorb the information, ask any questions that arise between classes and connect with other families. All types of expecting families are welcome.
“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers–strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”   -Barbara Katz Rothman


Empowered Pregnancy Class

Different from traditional childbirth classes, Empowered Pregnancy is based on the BOLD Method for Birth. Join other pregnant women in a small group session to learn how to put yourself at the center of your birth experience.

Learn how to use our powerful Body, Voice, Action Method to:

-honor your innate wisdom

-find your voice

-formulate a vision for your birth

-realize obstacles that stand in your way to your perfect birth

-create an action plan and implement steps to make it happen

This class is for pregnant women only and will run once a week for 7 weeks.  This class is appropriate during any stage of your pregnancy whether you have given birth before or this is your first time.

Private sessions also available.

*Discounts available when combining classes, bodywork and/or doula care.